Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? get cut off in traffic? going through a breakup? boss on you butt all day??.... or just need something to break?!? Then OutRaged Rage Room is the place for you to smash, trash and bash your way to a better day!


Partners In Rage



***** we have 4 rooms. 2 of those rooms accommodate groups up to 4. our other 2 rooms have a maximum occupancy of 6. groups larger than 6 will be separated into multiple rooms. if a large room is not available, groups larger than 4 will have to separate into multiple rooms.

****** at least 1 adult must be in each room with children under 16 and the minimum age to rage is 10.

******we will not issue refunds for groups that show up for their appointments that do not want to split their parties or for sessions booked for only minors because they did not read this huge disclaimer

******if an accompanying adult does not wish to rage, they can rent the protective gear for a 5$ fee and just be in the room with said minors

Please Read Before Booking!

$40 for 20 min (1 person)

20 Smaller Items*

1 Med Item (electronic, appliance, decor, windshields) *

$75 for 20 min (2 people)

30 Smaller Items*

2 Med Items (electronic, appliance, decor, windshields) *

Triple Rage

$105 for 30 min (3 people)

40 Smaller Items*

2 Med Items (electronic, appliance, decor, windshields) *

1 Large Item (car door, large electronic, large furniture, or similar)*

House of Rage

$140 for 30 min (4 people)

50 Smaller Items*

3 Med Items (electronic, appliance, decor, windshields)*

2 Large Items (car door, large electronic, large furniture, or similar)*

Extra Rage

$20 Each Person Over 4 

In A Party

 *Items will depend on current inventory

ALL appointments must be CANCELLED 24hrs prior to the booking date to obtain a full refund. Please call to cancel during business hours. You may message through the site or our Facebook page if you need to contact us outside of regular business hours.

Appointments cancelled less than 24hrs prior to booking date will receive 50% refund of full purchase price. 

If you do not call or show for your appointment, no refund will be issued

****You may reschedule your appointment 1 time without a fee. If you have to reschedule more than 1 time, there will be a 10$ fee.

* Examples of smaller items include:
Dishes, glass bottles, small electronics, picture frames, decorative items, VHS tapes, toys, records, coffee pots, vases...